Safari Download for Windows PC/laptop - Bookmark Safari on Android Devices

Safari browser is called as one of the best web browser till date that is developed by Apple Company based on engine of WebKit. It released first in the year 2003 with the Mac OS X Panther, in mobile version that is included in devices of iOS since introduction of iPhone in the year 2007. It is default browser on the apple devices. Things have changed a lot in this browser and Safair 5 has come long way with the introduction as new reader icon for easy reading in only one page, the fast page loading times and even the improved support of HTML5 for better stability and video support.

Attractive features

All original features called as the tabs on top for easy page management and even the cover flow for flipping through bookmarked sites iTunes styles is even retained well. Similarly, Safari Browser is called as one of the very first browser for the windows to widely introduce some of the top sites and this was the most attractive aspect of Safari.  The top sites also shows panoramic thumbnail views of most visited sites all together in one screen. One can click simply on windows that you want to visit for going directly to site. If you are willing to visit same sites on regular basis, the top sites by them are convenient way for accessing them easily as soon as you switch to your browser, without bookmark access.

safari for PC Download

It is even the best way to track sites that you most frequently visit and one can lock the favorite’s site at one single place so that one can always get to know where it was when you open the browser, Safari For windows Download. Sites with star in corner also denote the same with new content so that one can instantly watch which ones are updated. Moreover, the cover flow is familiar to all the users of iTunes, letting all browse through bookmarks through full page spread of sites as they all looked last time when you used them. The basic principle is based entirely on flipping through albums in this iTunes. Though, it appears as cool, the usefulness are questionable.

The history search

The history search of Safari browser is even useful. You just need to type word and the safari reveals all single pages it has easily cached with the same word on it. it is also very useful when you cannot remember where did you saw particular game or even the person’s name. some of the additions as the reader allows all for viewing all content on single page though there are no way of changing the font. There is also some variety of searching options for the search field of safari, so you are not locked into the Google. Some more handy features in the Safari also include Tabs on the Top that makes it little easier for accessing and opening tabs at top of Safari. One can drag or drop into another window of Safari too.

Instructions to match up bookmarks in Safari on Mac with Android

Match up bookmarks on Mac with Android following these means:

  1. Introduce SyncMate on your Mac PC. As Bookmarks match up module is accessible in Expert release you'll have to move up to Expert here. What's more, recall it is a smart thought to attempt SyncMate Free Edition before you choose to move up to Expert).
  2. Open the application and in its left sheet click 'Include New' to choose Android gadget. Associate your telephone or tablet to your Mac now.
  3. Tap the "+" catch in the upper board and pick "Safari Bookmarks" in the rundown of modules; modify the synchronizing parameters if necessary. Additionally you can evacuate those Android bookmarks you don't utilize any longer appropriate from SyncMate interface.
  4. Snap "Match up" to have your bookmarks refreshed on your gadgets.


SyncMate underpins a bigger number of gadgets than just Safari browser for Android - match up your Mac with iOS gadgets, other Mac PCs, online capacity accounts (iCloud, Dropbox, Google), and Windows administrations (Outlook, Office 365 Home and Business).

Snap here to find out about bolstered gadgets/accounts and synchronize alternatives for them.


SyncMate requires OS X 10.8.5 and is perfect with Android 4.x-8.x gadgets and iOS 5.x-11.x gadgets.

Bookmarks match up is upheld for Android 3.x-5.x gadgets as it were.

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